Annual review 2020

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The year 2020 was when digitalization took a huge step, not least when it came to work-life. The COVID pandemic has meant society has changed to new ways of working. Dustin therefore accelerated its strategy to meet customer needs to be able to work and manage their IT environment remotely.


The pandemic has rapidly driven a change in behavior in society with an increasing focus on online shopping and mobility. This enabled Dustin to increase the pace of implementation of its strategy. Customers increasingly want to buy and manage their services digitally. To clarify where Dustin is heading, the company updated its brand position during the year. For companies to function, IT is central and therefore Dustin’s vision is to help its customers be at the technological forefront. The customer promise is “We keep things moving.”

“The customer promise is “We keep things moving.”


Net sales increased by 5.3 percent to SEK 13.2 billion. Organic growth was 2.3 percent. Growth was mainly driven by increased volumes in segment LCP (large corporate and public), through framework agreements and long-term contracts for the public sector. The SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) segment showed stable development during the first half of the year, while the latter part was affected negatively by the pandemic. Adjusted EBITA was SEK 517 million (560), with profitability mainly affected by an increased share of basic hardware with a lower margin.


During the year, Dustin intensified its efforts to further improve its core business online, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Dustin’s strategic initiatives including the commissioning of a new robotic solution in the central warehouse, streamlining through the closure of smaller local offices, reducing the number of employees within the organization for services and solutions, and consolidating data centers provide good conditions for higher profitability in the future. 

Dustin summed up five successful years with big steps forward in the area of sustainability.”


During the year, the issue of climate change grew into one of the most burning topics permeating the entire societal agenda. Dustin summed up five successful years with big steps forward in the area of sustainability. Three new overall goals have been set for 2030. By then, Dustin will have zero climate impact throughout the value chain, a 100 percent circular offer and have taken one hundred social justice measures. 

The facts

Dustin is a leading online IT partner with operations in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. The company offers IT products with related services and solutions to companies, the public sector and private individuals, with the main focus on small- and medium-sized businesses.

Ownership: 29.8%

Number of employees: 1,700


KEY RATIOS, MSEK 2019/20 2018/19
Net sales 13,195 12,536
ProfitAX 335 445
Profit/loss after net financial items 335 445