Annual review 2020

New offers

New product offers and new ways to meet customers

In a market with fierce competition and focus on price, it is crucial to
create loyalty – a willingness to return. This is why many of our companies work with their own brands – from BeautyAct and Carin Wester, to Garant’s ready meals. Another way is to make the customer experience smoother and more fun digitally and in store, through membership or digital tools.

Own brands that make a difference

Five new products a week is the high average rate in Axfood’s development of its own branded products. Of its 22 own brands, the two largest are Garant and Eldorado, where Garant has a clear sustainability profiling and Eldorado offers the best low-cost alternative with a focus on basic products. Among other things, Garant launched three new vegetarian meal solutions based on Swedish-grown protein crops during the year, together with the Novax-owned brand Svensk Beljväxtfärs and Axfoundation.

Hemköp nudges towards sustainable choices

Hemköp’s new loyalty program, Klubb Hemköp, is the first in the industry to reward choices that are positive for both the climate and one’s own health. The 1.7 million members receive, as before, points for all purchases, but a novelty is that extra points are given for sustainable choices that feature properties positive for the environment and health – such as shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables or switching to digital receipts. A steady increase in new members in the first months after the launch of Klubb Hemköp shows how a personalized and responsive customer program opens up for commitment and for new ways to meet customers both online and in store.

Large customer benefits for private individuals

In November, Axfood’s restaurant wholesaler Snabbgross opened a new store concept – Snabbgross Club – which is aimed at private individuals. Through a membership that costs SEK 299 per year, private customers get access to a unique and affordable range in large packaging – an offer that was previously only available to restaurant and café customers. Through membership, customers can quickly recoup the cost through unique offers and products. The concept of member clubs has grown rapidly in several other markets, not least in North America.

QR codes provide faster service to industry customers

With Axel Johnson’s innovation competition Axlab, employees in the group companies generated a fantastic 781 ideas in 48 hours. The winning idea was presented by Valentina Cristea. She works at Axflow in Milan, part of the industrial group Axel Johnson International. Axflow delivers systems for fluid handling to various industries. Valentina’s idea is to label different parts of, for example, pumps or controls with scannable QR codes. In this way, it can be easier for customers or Axflow’s service employees to obtain immediate information about the products through a simple mobile scan, prevent incorrect ordering of spare parts and thereby remedy errors as quickly as possible.

Åhléns Marketplace

In spring 2020, Åhléns launched its online marketplace. There, external players can sell their products to Åhléns’ customers. Customers get a wider range of everything from fashion and furniture to bicycles. The products come from external suppliers but are covered by Åhléns’ customer promise, bonus points and the opportunity to return in any department store. It gives customers within the framework of their Åhléns relationship access to an even broader and more niched range.

Live shopping brings digital customer meetings to life

As a way to develop the digital shopping experience, both Åhléns and Kicks launched live shopping. The live broadcasts provide an opportunity for the companies’ own employees, together with industry personalities, to guide viewers through selected parts of the range, which creates completely new opportunities for interaction. Kicks broadcast 25 live shopping events from the start in April to December, with a total of nearly 135,000 viewers.